Scheduled Waste Management

Integrated Waste Management

Waste Code

No Waste code Description
1 SW 110 Waste from electrical and electronic assemblies containing components such as accumulators, mercury-switches, glass from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glass or polychlorinated biphenyl-capacitors, or contaminated with cadmium, mercury, lead, nickel, chromium, copper, lithium, silver, manganese or polychlorinated biphenyl
2 SW 202 Waste catalysts
3 SW 204 Sludges containing one or several metals including chromium, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, cadmium, aluminium, tin, vanadium and beryllium
4 SW 206 Spent inorganic acids
5 SW 301 Spent organic acids with pH less or equal to 2 which are corrosive or hazardous
6 SW 303 Adhensive or glue waste containing organic solvents excluding solid polymeric materials
7 SW 305 Spent lubricating oil
8 SW 306 Spent hydraulic oil
9 SW 307 Spent mineral oil-water emulsion
10 SW 308 Oil tanker sludge
11 SW 309 Oil tabker sludge oil-water mixture such as ballast water
12 SW 310 Sludge from mineral oil storage tank
13 SW 311 Waste of oil or oily sludge
14 SW 312 Oily residue from automotive workshop, service station oil or grease interceptor
15 SW 313 Oil contaminated earth from re-refining of used lubricating oil
16 SW 414 Oil or sludge from oil refinery plant maintenance operation
17 SW 322 Waste of non-halogenated organic solvents
18 SW 323 Waste of halogenated organic solvent
19 SW 327 Waste of thermal fluids (heat transfer) such as ethylene glycol
20 SW 401 Spent alkalis containing heavy metals
21 SW 402 Spent organic alkalis with pH more or equal to 11.5 which are corrosive or hazardous
22 SW 408 Contaminated soil, debris or matter resulting from cleaning-up of a spill of chemical, mineral oil or scheduled wastes
23 SW 409 Disposed containers, bags or equipment contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, mineral oil or scheduled wastes
24 SW 410 Rags, plastic, papers or filters contaminated with scheduled waste
25 SW 416 Sludge of inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish
26 SW 417 Waste of inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish
27 SW 418 Discarded or off-specification inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish products containing organic solvent