5E Resources Limited

5E Resources Limited group of companies was incorporated on 26 July 2006 as private limited company in Malaysia. Based in Johor, we are one of the leading scheduled waste management services providers focusing on recovery and recycling, collection and transportation, and waste treatment. As one of the leading services providers in the scheduled waste management industry, we possessed 34 out of 77 Waste Codes as at June 2020.

Our scheduled waste management services aim to relieve our customers of their environmental impact liabilities by providing them with tailored solutions, striving to maximise recovery of resources and minimise waste disposal. Since incorporation, we have provided scheduled waste management services to approximately 500 customers across various industries in Malaysia, including manufacturing, trading and services, as well as infrastructure operators and the Malaysian government. We believe our local knowledge, reputation and business connections put us in a good position to benefit from such growth.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To provide customer a single fully integrated resources.
To solve most of the scheduled waste problem and working towards a healthy environment.

Our Mission

To provide technology – Driven Solution:

  • Waste Minimization
  • Recyclable Waste
  • Cost Saving to Customer
  • Reducing Environmental Liability

Core Values