Managing Director

Technical Director

One Team, One Commitment

Mr. Darren Lim
Managing Director

“We are professional schedule waste management facility which is granted license by the Government of Malaysia in the field of schedule waste recovery.

Our main goal is striving towards excellence in the green environmental industry.

The contribution of our specialized technical team involves Chemist and various field of Engineers in Research and Development with cooperation of highly experienced management consultants to bring forward our organization toward a pioneer level in this industry. Main goal is striving towards excellence in the green environmental industry.

Over the years, we do not only improved in terms of technicality of processes but also the quality of works and services which are equally emphasized at all cost.

The ISO certification of 14001 and 18001 were achieved since the year of 2010 to maintain the quality of works and services provided to our customers in the form of environmental conversation, safety and health aspects.

The concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is an important chain in which is linked with our organization and business partnership in order to reduce the environmental liability and to preserve the environment.”

Mr. Shankar
Technical Director

“Our company’s core operation is to create an innovative technology that is driven to the conservation of environment and the wellbeing of humanity.

Our commitment as a service provider is to deliver a green innovative technology in the management of the schedule waste in the aspects of transportation, storage, recycling, recovery, reuse and minimization of waste collected from our customers.

Our final disposals are governed by the legal aspects of Malaysia law on schedule and hazardous waste management.

The company’s recycling operations provide the communities of industries on land and sea in the support of strategic goals to extract product of value from the waste.

We are equipped with 27 waste management codes in our business expansion inclusive of 2 operations sites at Johor.

Our company vision is to ensure that we provide our customers a single, integrated resources to solve most of the schedule waste generation with a driven solution in the reduction of cost and environmental liabilities.”